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“Information sharing is the foundation of the web and blogging does well to reaffirm this  foundation. So if you need to market your business, talk about something you love or provide useful information to people, blogging is the way to go. The most important thing is to create an interactive environment that allows for the growth of your blog community.  Read more about blogging.”

What is Blogging? Special Offers!

Since its introduction, the web has increasingly become a popular platform for individuals, groups and businesses to voice their opinions and share information. Whether it is a website or an email, the internet has truly become a global community, successfully traversing geographical and political borders. One of the most common ways through which people, companies and organizations share information is through blogging. Currently, there are over 100 million blogs online; all containing different forms of content. So, what is blogging and what’s its role in the business sector, the society and people’s personal lives?

Blog Definition

A blog, a short term for web log, is a form of a social networking site where, entries are posted and shown in a reverse chronological order meaning that newer posts appear first. The entries or posts can either be in form of videos, texts, audio or images. In contrast with static sites, blogs allow for interaction between the readers and the owner(s) thus its classification as a form of a social network. In fact, the success of a blog depends highly on this interaction.  Read more…

What is a Networked Blogs?

A blog network is a collection of blogs which are connected to one another in a network. A blog network could either be a group of blogs which are owned by one company, or a group of loosely linked blogs.

If you are an Internet marketer who is also on Facebook, then it may be beneficial for you to have a networked blog. Simply log onto you Facebook account and type in the search bar ‘networked blogs,’ you will find the application Networked Blogs. It is a pretty incredible feature to use if you are trying to get extra traffic to your blog. After you find this application you can also find popular blogs to follow. Some may be in your niche therefore you can see what other marketers are doing. Of course the main idea is for you to make use of this app to draw traffic to the business you are marketing.  Continue reading…

Popular Blogs Site

Blogging is without a doubt the most prominent manifestation of web vicinity nowadays. An issue a lot of people new bloggers face is picking the popular blog sites to fulfill their requests. You will discover Two exceptionally different sorts of blogging services – the one’s you have yourself and pay a facilitating expense for, and the expense free blogging administrations, for example, Posterous, Blogger and WP.

This article will detail the most popular blog sites and give data into what precisely is great and awful about them, to assuredly enable those with data and certainties to help select popular blog sites.  Read more…