Daily Net Blog: How to Blog?

daily net blogInformation sharing is the foundation of the web and blogging does well to reaffirm this  foundation. So if you need to market your business, talk about something you love or provide useful information to people, blogging is the way to go. The most important thing is to create an interactive environment that allows for the growth of your blog community.  Read more about blogging.

What is Blogging?

Since its introduction, the web has increasingly become a popular platform for individuals, groups and businesses to voice their opinions and share information. Whether it is a website or an email, the internet has truly become a global community, successfully traversing geographical and political borders. One of the most common ways through which people, companies and organizations share information is through blogging. Currently, there are over 100 million blogs online; all containing different forms of content. So, what is blogging and what’s its role in the business sector, the society and people’s personal lives? Read more…

The Best Blog Sites

Blogging can be lots of fun and that is why so many people do it as a hobby. However the truth is that it is also hard work. It is always a long tough road to success and a sizeable adoring audience as well as regular traffic.

Your journey will start by you selecting from the best blog sites what suits you and your plans best.

You will by all means need the right platform and a solid reliable blog site to blog from.

So how will you go about selecting the right blog site or platform to use for your blogging activities?

In considering the best blog sites mentioned, your decision on who to go with will be based on what kind of budget you have for your blogging and what you want to do and achieve.  Learn more…

Free Portfolio Blog Sites

Whether you are a graphic designer, an illustrator or any other type of creative professional, there is every reason to own an online portfolio. Your prospective clients should have something to browse through, at least to know a few things about you and what they expect from your skills. To your advantage, it does not take a web design guru to come up with a great portfolio site. There are several websites that can actually host your work and aid you in coming up with a stunning showcase. Below is a roundup of free portfolio blog sites from which you can select the most suitable.

Having a portfolio online is very essential, especially when you are fresh in the market, looking to snag a few worthy projects. While most starters fear establishing an online portfolio because of the hosting cost, is good news that there are sites which offer the services for free. However, there are several of these sites even beyond those listed in this article. It is at your own discretion, therefore, to look into each of the sites and establish which of them will offer the best portfolio hosting service for you.  Continue…

How Social Websites Benefit Everyone?

Social networking websites have achieved wide acceptance worldwide. These websites have become so popular that they are giving tough competition even to search engines. There are millions of people who log into their account.

People use such websites mainly to interact with their family members, friends and like-minded people. It is easy to share all types of contents including articles, news, views, images and videos. Some networking sites are not considered social websites but in most instances the line between a professional networking site and a social site is somewhat blurred now. Websites that make it easy to network and share contents can be categorized under social websites.  Learn how…

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